I almost can’t believe of me just becoming aware of April being national poetry month. I freaking LOVE poetry!!!! I recall during my teenage years most of my work was so depressing. Actually, I never seemed to think so but it wasn’t until one day that my husband and I were under the influence of some not so legal drugs that I shared with him earlier work.

He started tripping the fuck out.

I had to use my magical woman powers to get him to leave that place in his head and make room for a more playful state of mind. Now that I am older, wiser and have all this hotness to deal with, my love for words have ignited a spark.


The poem that you’re about to read is about a lesbian love affair that began too quickly and didn’t end soon enough

                                                      It was her voice that spoke to me,

awakening the poetry,

captivated deep inside.

No longer us. No longer we.

There’s all those feelings we hide.

In another life, in a different world,

you & I are meant to be.

For you & I we have a love

manifesting poetry.


For the record – I am not a lesbian i just play one in real life.


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