Introduction of self

After countless failed attempts to put random thoughts into writing I am finally here. The journey has finally begun and somewhere deep inside something tells me that it’ll be alright.

There are those rare Miami nights in which I’ll go by my alias: Gigi. There’s more common day’s in which everyone will call out:”Kahhhh-lllla”. And the one name that’ll never get old: “Hey Mom!”

I am 26 years young and I wish to never “grow old”. When I was a little girl I never thought of myself as the most prettiest or funniest. Actually, I never quite fit in. I was never an outcast either. Just like many others- I blended. Growing up in a city where there is an insane amount  of diversity and complexity can take a toll on any individuals personality. You’ll notice as you read on.

I’ve been having an uncontrollable desire to freely, carelessly express myself in words. I want to watch myself grow and along way the way somewhere out there I want to inspire someone with something  even if all they took from me was a thought.

I stopped believing in coincidences long ago and since then I’ve noticed the signs the universe has deliberately placed right in front of my eyes. I hope you enjoy.


3 thoughts on “Introduction of self

  1. Why is it female poets are beautiful and male poets are some bald guy in their 40s that knows nothing about life, do tell? I hope I get to know you through your writing and such, do you have a twitter handle?

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